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Two people making a heart with hands and a title "City of Gainesville Housing Equity Plan".

Gainesville Fair Housing Survey

The city promotes equal housing opportunity through providing education and training, monitoring and investigating fair housing complaints utilizing techniques to support fair housing litigation, and conducting research and studies to identify and address fair housing impediments.  Completing the survey will help the city:

  • Identify potential discriminatory practices in housing.
  • Understand patterns of residential segregation.  
  • Determine barriers to housing choice.
  • Decide the best course of action for reducing impediments to fair housing. 

ACCESSIBILITY:  If you require assistance in completing the survey due to a disability, contact the City of Gainesville Office of Equity and Inclusion at (352) 334-5051; if hearing impaired, telephone the Florida Relay Service Numbers, (800) 955-8771 (TDD) or (800) 955-8700(v).  

PRIVACY DISCLOSURE: This survey is being conducted for information purposes only. Responses can be anonymous.  Providing contact information is optional, but allows us to recognize organizational participation in the development of the Housing Equity Plan.

Maximum 255 characters



Please select the option that best represents you or the organization you represent.

* required

How well informed do you feel personally about housing discrimination laws?

* required

Of the following classes, which do you think is the most prevalent factor in housing discrimination in the City of Gainesville?

* required

Have you, or has someone you know experienced housing discrimination in any of the following areas? (choose all that apply)

* required

On what basis do you believe you, or someone you know, were discriminated against? (choose all that apply)

* required

Which of the following best describes the person or organization that discriminated against you or someone you know? (choose all that apply)

* required

Did you or the person you know report the discrimination? (choose all that apply)

* required

Where would you refer someone if they felt their fair housing rights had been violated?

* required

Have you, or an organization you are affiliated with, ever received fair housing training?

* required

What information have you seen or heard regarding fair housing programs, laws, or enforcement in the city? (choose all that apply)

* required

Do you feel your housing choices are limited to certain geographic areas or neighborhoods?

* required

Do you think there are affordable housing options located throughout the City of Gainesville, or are they concentrated in certain areas/neighborhoods?

* required

Do you think that certain geographic areas or neighborhoods in the city are undesirable places to live?

* required

Are you aware of any questionable policies, practices, or barriers to fair housing in any of the following areas? (choose all that apply)

* required

What is your race/ethnicity? (optional)


What is your age group? (optional)


What is your marital status? (optional)


Do you have children under the age of 18 years in your household? (optional)


What is your approximate average annual household income (include all members of your household)? (optional)


Is anyone in your household disabled? (optional)